Limitless & Intuitive IIoT Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition Solution
  • Main Feature
  • An HTML5-supported and webpage control IIoT SCADA solution powered by Windows IIS server.
  • Over 250 drivers for major PLCs .
  • Support distributed and redundant database function for applications including real-time, history, and ADO.NET database
  • Sophisticated alarms management system allows you to send alarms to various utilities such as screen, E-Mail/SMS, and Web browser (or social app through VBScript).
  • Ready to use built-in template symbol & widget, online sample project and custom widget can be implemented by HTML5/JavaScript or ActiveX.
  • Provide user and group security control up to 256 levels.
  • Seamless browser connectivity and multi-monitor display (by SetViewerPos).
  • Up 16000 numbers of max. points connected.
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Competitively Priced but Fully Loaded
At NexAIoT, we know every manufacturing scenario has different circumstances and needs, and so even the NISE3800E-IWS runs on Intel® Core™ i5 processors, we could customize for Core™ i3 or Core™ i7. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Our designers also know smart industry calls for a significant investment and that customers are wary of expensive and overly complex SCADA solutions. The NISE3800E-IWS simplifies matters by offering software platform at a competitive, affordable price point that makes the system an instantly appealing option.


One Solution for Many Needs
Whatever your industrial process, the NISE3800E-IWS can handle it. We offer various configurations that scale in accordance with your implementation. Each system includes five licenses for 150, 300, 1500, 4000, and 16K connection points and additional option for thin clients. Once more, the choice rests with the customer, we simply help make things better.


Software Package Provides Supervision of Complete Production Layout
Beyond effortless connectivity with PLC/HMI clients and CNC and Modbus links, the NISE3800E-IWS removes management hardships through a smart and comprehensive software suite. Assign control authorization levels, customize the dashboard, set up alarms, and use multiple displays. You also get multilingual support, cloud applications, process control via the ease of a webpage, and much more.


Track and Improve for Better IIoT
On the software side of industrial equipment, the NISE3800E-IWS outperforms baseline SCADA functionality by adding trend tracking and insights, extensive data gathering, and SQL database integration. That ensures users stay well informed and ahead of the curve as they work to fine-tune and improve industrial processes.


Built-in Drivers for Leading PLC Makers
As a SCADA system designed for seamless insertion at the heart of industrial topologies, the NISE3800E-IWS ships with drivers that allow for plug n play connections with units from Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, GE-Fanuc, and other industrial equipment leaders. Out of the box compatibility reduces start up time and costs, affording improved efficiency.


One Point That’s the Whole Point
The design philosophy behind the NexAIoT NISE3800E-IWS should be immediately clear to anyone interested in better industrial solutions. We take all the essentials of SCADA and give them a usability upgrade without increasing complexity or cost. The point of SCADA revolves around scalable yet centralized management for different situations, and the NISE3800E-IWS encompasses that without ever compromising.

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