NISE 3700E PDM Solution Pack

PDM Solution Pack
  • Main Feature
  • Rotor kit includes motor, coupling, balancing disk, gear reducer, blower, tachometer and motor speed controller
  • Customized bearing housing
  • Equip with real blower
  • Aluminum alloy foundation
  • Disconnect coupling easily to compare the vibration behavior between different load
  • Dynamic balancing simulation
  • Misalignment simulation
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NEXCOM Predictive Diagnostic Maintenance (PDM) solution kit is the education/training kit for the predictive maintenance for rotary machinery. It includes the rotor kit, vibration sensors, digital signal processing module, PLC, the IoT gateway with vibration predictive/analysis software function. The rotor kit is designed as similar as the exact machinery. Users can us the rotor kit to simulate the unbalance, shaft alignment, variable loading to monitor the bearing, shaft, motor, gear box behavior to learn how to analyze the machine situation. The IoT gateway with the predictive/ analysis software can help use to learn how to implement the IoT communication technology for the PDM application.

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