4 COM Ports EtherCAT Slave Module
  • Main Feature
  • Finger-safe wiring cover
  • Detachable screw terminals
  • Rotational pin-assignment marks
  • On-module LED indicators
  • User-friendly wiring label
  • Multiple mounting methods
  • 1 x RS 232/422/485
  • 3 x RS 422/485
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NEIO-B1603 is an EtherCAT to serial conversion module which supports Half-Duplex and Full-Duplex communication modes. It offers one RS-232/422/485 and three RS- RS-422/485 interfaces. The transmission speed on NEIO-B1603 module is up to 115.2 kbps. NEIO-B1603 can automatically detect the communication mode without setting any jumper and switch. Users can easily and quickly use this module to bridge their existing serial devices to the EtherCAT control network. All of the NEIO modules are provided with high isolation protection, and verified by the EtherCAT conformance test tool. Therefore NEIO is a reliable module to implement in your applications.

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