IoT Studio V1.2

Industrial Gateway Builder
  • Main Feature
  • Processing data analytically by redefined the categories and offered customized nodes
  • Manage cyber physical system efficiently by NEXCOM hardware information nodes
  • Connect to cloud securely with verified MQTT and AMQP nodes
  • Support SQLite for databased application and https for web service
  • Support Fieldbus (PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Ethernet/IP) configuration, Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP master, OPC-UA client for field devices/controller data concentration
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Modbus Description: Get the registers and status with the Modbus protocol Node:
- Modbus-TCP read/wirte
- Modbus-RTU read/write
Fieldbus Description: Get the registers and status from the controller/devices with Fieldbus interface Node:
- PROFIBUS write
- PROFINET write
- EtherNet/IP read
- EtherNet/IP write
Data process Description: Process or encrypt/decrypt data from buffering Node:
- Merge
- Boundary
- Critical section
- H/W Info
- Cypher
OPC UA Description: Communicate with the OPC UA server Node:
- OPC UA Item
- OPC UA Client
- OPC UA Broswer
Input Description: Prompt for user input from network or serial port Node: Inject, catch, status, MQTT, http, websocket, TCP, UDP, serial
Function Node: Function, template, delay, trigger, comment http request, TCP request, switch, change range, csv, html, json, xml, rbe
Social Description: Access 'multipart/form-data' content by email Node:
- Email in
- Email out
Storage Description: Read/write the file or database Node:
- File in, file out
- SQLite
Cloud Description: Provides Azure service Node:
- eventhub
- IoT hub
Support OS & Hardware Matrix CPS 100-M
- Windows Embedded 8: X
- Yocto (Linux): O
- Windows Embedded 8: X
- Yocto (Linux): O
- Windows Embedded 8: X
- Yocto (Linux): O

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