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March 12, 2013

Digital Signage Players Guide Supermarket Shoppers to Find the Best Prices

Digital_Signage_Player_NDiS163NEXCOM's digital signage player NDiS 163 is widely deployed across hundreds of supermarket chains in Belgium with the goal of guiding customers around the stores to find the right product at the cheapest possible price. Serving as an in-store signage and communication platform, NDiS 163 created a shopping environment that stimulates customer purchases while facilitating information sharing between the central office and supermarkets.


NDiS 163 offered supermarkets the ability to update pricing dynamically and fulfill the company's mission of delivering the best prices in the market. When new and better prices are identified from the central office, in-store prices are updated and displayed in real-time to ensure customers are well informed about the latest deals, increasing potential purchases.




Inside the stores, NDiS 163 enabled supermarkets to create a pleasant shopping environment by informing shoppers about food tasting events, recipes, product details and advertisements using vivid images and videos. Simultaneously, NDiS 163 streamlined the communication between the central office and supermarkets, allowing administrators at the central office to send information on product recommendations relevant to the weather conditions of each store location for a tailored shopping experience.


In-store shoppers also found the digital signage players useful in guiding them around the store to locate the right product, making the shopping experience fast and convenient.


NDiS 163 brought many benefits, not only it improved the customers' shopping experience, increased business revenue, and streamlined communication, it also provided cost savings by replacing traditional print posters in the stores.


The NDiS 163 player incorporates an industrial fanless design, Gigabit Ethernet and Intel® HD Graphics with HDMI output to provide reliable operation, fast network connection for remote content management and smooth Full HD video playback, all of which are the key success factors for this project. Since the start of the project, Microtron, NEXCOM's system integrator partner, helped designed and deployed a total solution involving thousands of NDiS 163 without any defect. Satisfied with the great results, the supermarket operator is planning to install another hundreds of NDiS 163 for its subsidiary brands over the course of 2013.

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