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NEXCOM's Specialties in Digital Signage Revolution

NEXCOM's Specialties in Digital Signage Revolution
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The popularity of digital signage is growing at a rapid pace, and applications within organizations are always evolving. In the never-ending quest for a better viewer experience, many new technologies are hitting the marketplace. In the coming omni-channel era, consumers receive information from all kinds of digital channels, including handheld devices, social media, and public broadcasting signage and so on. The revolution of media broadcasting moves digital signage into a new era.


Digital signage is everywhere, from indoor to outdoor, from restaurants to factories, from bus stations to running vehicles. However, digital signage will face various challenges in different applications. There is no single machine that fits all applications.

Ruggedize for 24/7 Operations

NEXCOM NDiS player is specifically designed for various digital signage applications. In harsh outdoor environments, digital signage players need to operate under extreme temperatures and dusty environments. Technologies applied to extend the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) will greatly decrease repair time and reduce maintenance costs. The NDiS fanless player adopts state-of-the-art fanless technology to avoid the use of legacy fan system, thus eliminating the chance of fan failure after running for certain period of time. The NDiS fanless player is also water- and dust-resistant, and able to survive in wide temperature environments.


NDiS digital signage players offer uncom-promised reliability to ensure 24/7 operation.
Long operating hours Long operating
Fanless design Fanless design
Thermal design Thermal design
Water-and dust-resistance Water-and
Wide operating temperature Wide operating temperature
Low power consumption Low power

Create Resonating Experiences

Digital signage is surely not only for advertisement, but also improving shopping experience, keeping customer royalty, changing buying behavior, enhancing company brand and image. It's all about the customer experience. Great experiences keep customers coming back again and again. SMB owners can interact with their customers whether they are in the store, on the website, or on a mobile device. It's always challenging to have a total view of customers and provide them with a seamless experience. But when implemented correctly, technology can surprise and delight your customers. With the help of various sensor networks, store owners can push near field messages to mobile devices and collect accurate buying behavior. Not to mention IoT (Internet of Things) is going to totally change the outlook of digital signage. In the future, digital signage will have to interact with all types of products. As the digital signage industry continues to grow, the single screen with text, images and movie content will start to become "old hat." New eras of communication between these new products, digital signage, mobile and wearable technologies with the physical environment will be paramount.


NDiS' rich I/O ports simplify integration with location, communication, and sensor technologies. With BYOD, NEXCOM NDiS player creates personalized information and experience.
Beacons Beacons
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
3G/4G 3G/4G
Water-and dust-resistance Temperature
Humidity sensors Humidity sensors
Camera Camera
Gesture sensors Gesture sensors
Water-and dust-resistance Mobile devices

Focus Thorough Detailing

The world we live will become a global network of computers, data, sensors, cameras, databases, devices, and virtual artifacts all communicating to impact our daily lives. We are in a prime position to embrace this technological rise and extend applications further to provide truly unique and groundbreaking solutions connecting digital signage as a critical IoT element. During this tremendous transition, NEXCOM plays a role to provide the best solution to all customers. From head to tail, NEXCOM overlooks every detail, thoroughly from design, test, and implementation to refine, integrate, and analyze our solutions. The ultimate goal is to make sure 100 percent satisfaction from customers.


For various applications, NEXCOM is here to meet your demands
Optimized platform Optimized platform
Embedded OS Embedded OS
Flexible screen size Flexible screen size
Compact for high-integration demand Compact for high-integration demand
Long-lifespan guarantee Long-lifespan guarantee

Product Portfolio

Focus and



NDiS B Series NDiS M Series NDiS A Series NDiS P Series

Best-in-case fanless
box player

Plug-and-play manageable
modular player

Rugged all-in-one

Retail and transportation preconfigured solution

  • State-of-the-art fanless design with maximum performance
  • More legacy I/O
  • Wider operating temperature, IP rating
  • Fanless/low noise design
  • Leading platform/best of breed performance
  • Remote manageability
  • Vandal proof design
  • Remote diagnostic/ manageability
  • Long-distance and daisy-chained multiple screens transmission line
  • Future planning for secondary targets
  • Cost-effective, reliable and easy to use digital signage solution for small to medium digital signage networks
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