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Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions

Featuring EN60601 medical certificate, NEXCOM's medical computer features versatile camera interfaces for medical inspection and energy saving platform. Supporting a wide range of processors, robust and fanless design and long product life support, NEXCOM's NISE Series fanless computer for medical solution is aimed at satisfying the rigorous medical applications.

EN60601-1-2 Certified, the Medical Grade Fanless computer

NISE 3140M is a remarkable model for presenting NEXCOM NISE series in medical solution, mainly in interactive visual communication, medical devices, and self-check system etc. Housed in a robust aluminum chassis, the fanless design makes for noise-free and ultra-reliable operation which meets hospital environment needs. With IEEE1394a/b and display interfaces, NISE 3140M empowers ease of camera use for interactive communication, video diagnose, data analysis, and inspection equipments etc.


In addition, NISE 3140M, certified by EN60601-1-2 standard, is an ideal solution for medical devices with energy saving design meeting the demand of dust-free, noise-free, longevity of product, durable, reliable, and data backup via RAID HDD support. With rich I/O interface it provides various data collection devices linked by USB, RS232, RS485, IEEE1394b, LAN, for data communication.


With great imaging process ability, NISE series is an ideal solution for clinical data server, home healthcare or healthcare informatics and patient monitoring applications to get electrocardiogram and physiological data for diagnosis purpose. The vital survey responses and signs measurements, such as weight, blood pressure, pulse, Glucose meter and oxygen saturation, may be automatically collected and transmitted to hospital center.


Real-time monitoring and communication, through Ethernet or GPS data transmission and computer analysis, facilitate efficiency on nursing, clinic arrangement and data collecting. It can be used in ambulance, homecare, or remote monitoring.

NISE Series Main Features for Medical Solutions

  • A range of processers are supported: integrated with Intel® GM45 chipsets to support socket type of Celeron® and Core™ 2 Duo solution to meet different performance or budget requirements.
  • Robust and noise-free design: sturdy aluminum chassis protects the unit in harsh environments, whilst the fanless design makes NISE suitable in quiet locations.
  • Versatile camera interface: available for medical inspection or research use
  • Low maintenance cost: the fanless and anti-dust design improves reliability and eliminates systems failure caused by fan breakdown and dust
  • Medical grade solution: the platform meets energy saving requirements and is certified to medical standards, EN60601
  • Long product life support


NISE 3100e Series @ Self-Service Healthcare Kiosk      NISE 3140M Series @ Operating Room


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