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Applied Panel PC

Applied Panel PC
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Rich Variety of Control Panel PC Solutions

Aimed at PC-based human machine interfaces (HMI), NEXCOM industrial-grade Panel PCs integrates LED backlight TFT LCD panel and user-friend touch screen and can deliver high reliability and efficiency in industrial computing application.

The Selection Guide for Your Application

Panel PCs

Fieldbus Communication Control Application

NEXCOM Panel PC, which integrates widely-used industrial fieldbus master interfaces including PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT to communicate with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and remote I/Os made by major brand-name suppliers. In light of this great feature, NEXCOM PPC series can be bundled with the SCADA/HMI software for use in the SCADA/HMI station.

Product Selection

IPPC 2160P, IPPC 2132P, IPPC 1960T, IPPC 1632P, IPPC 1560T, APPC 1932T, APPC 1732T, APPC 1532T,
APPC 1237T, APPC 1232T

Industrial Touch Monitor Application

NEXCOM APPD series is ideally used as a second display of the NEXCOM PPC series or paired with NEXCOM fanless computer NISE series. The APPD series has an IP65 flush front panel to keep water and dust off the surface. The APPD series supports VGA and DVI-D display inputs and RS-232 and USB touch screen interfaces. The series also allows users to choose from panel, wall, stand and VESA mounts based on different installation environments.

Product Selection

APPD 1900T, APPD 1700T, APPD 1500T, APPD 1205T, APPD 1200T

Panel PC Applicataions - Harsh Industrial EnvironmentHarsh Industrial Environment

The heavy Industrial Panel PC (IPPC) is based on high performance 2nd/3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor. The design of NEMA4/IP66-rated heavy-duty aluminum front bezel and the rugged vibration-resistant chassis specifically addresses the challenges posed in harsh industrial environments.

Product Selection

IPPC 1960T, IPPC 1560T, IPPC 2160P


Applied Panel PC Applications - Monitoring, Motion Control, Data Acquisition, and Automated Testing ApplicationMonitoring, Motion Control, Data Acquisition, and Automated Testing Application

The IPPC1960T has two expansion slots for PCI or/and PCIe addon cards, including capture card, data acquisition and control card, motion control card, communication card, and fieldbus card.

Product Selection

IPPC 1960T, IPPC 1560T, IPPC 2160P


Applied Panel PC Applications - Light Industrial EnvironmentLight Industrial Environment

Designed for the light industry, the all-in-one Applied Panel PC (APPC) is suited for factory, machinery, access control and manufacturing. Based on low power Intel® Atom™ processor, the APPC series integrates user-friendly flush touch screen, which are sized from 8" to 19", NEMA4/IP65 plastic front bezel, and slim light fanless chassis.

Product Selection

APPC 1930T, APPC 1720T, APPC 1730T, APPC 1520T, AAPPC 1530T,
APPC 1235T, APPC 1220T, APPC 1230T, APPC 0820T, APPC 0820TC

Applied Panel PC Applications - Isolated RS-232/422/485 Connectivity
for Further ProtectionIsolated RS-232/422/485 Connectivity for Further Protection

NEXCOM Panel PC has two separate RS-232/422/485 interfaces which are equipped with 2.5 KV RMS to offer one minute galvanic isolation to protect your COM devices, including RTU, PLC, standalone controllers, PC COM ports, and multi-dropped electric meters.

Product Selection

IPPC 1960TP2E-AC, APPC 1931T, APPC 1932T, APPC 1721T, APPC 1731T, APPC 1732T, APPC 1521T, APPC 1531T, APPC 1532T, APPC 1221T, APPC 1237T, APPC 1231T, APPC 1232T

Applied Panel PC Applications - Open Frame Panel PC for Integrated System ApplicationOpen Frame Panel PC for Integrated System Application

The Open Frame Panel PC features the bezel-less display, ultra slim design, and various innovative mounting options including open frame mount from both rear and front sides. The OPPC is ideal for space critical applications and can be easily integrated into a custom enclosure, offering flexibility to system integrators.

Product Selection

OPPC 1230T, OPPC 1530T, OPPC 1730T, OPPC 1930T


Applied Panel PC Applications - Customization ServiceCustomization Service

In addition to standard products, NEXCOM Panel solutions, by using modular design, allow users to create the ideal combination of IPPC/APPC LCD kit, IPPC/APPC system chassis and more. Our services also include logo re-brand, customized build, and new Panel PC solution.




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