DNA 113

Desktop Intel® Atom™ E620 CPU with 3 Gbe LAN
  • Main Feature
  • Desktop Network Platform
  • On-board Intel® Atom™ E600 series processor
  • Intel® EG20T chipset
  • On-board 512MB DDR2 667/ 800 memory, up to 1GB
  • Support 3 GbE LAN ports
  • One SATA 2.5"SSD/ one SATA-DOM
  • Fanless design
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For small office and home network communication, DNA 113 is a desktop platform which features an energy efficient design, increased capacity and superb reliability. The DNA 113 is the first entry-level desktop security platform, which utilizes Intel® Atom™ E600 series processor. Designed to act as the solid foundation on which to host a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or firewall gateway, the DNA 113 provides its users with exceptional computing performance and minimal power consumption. For example, this network communication device with Intel® Atom™ E600 series processor consumes less than 3.3 watts.


In terms of size, the compact DNA 113 measures 179.9mm x 111.9mm x 37.5mm but does not sacrifice capacity, reliability or functionality. For instance, most other entry-level network communication platforms come with 2 GbE LAN ports, but the versatile DNA 113 is equipped with 3 GbE LAN ports, a feature which enhances system capacity. In addition, the design with built-in processor and 512 MB DDR2 memory ensures better reliability for network security. The maintenance-free fanless design of the DNA 113 makes for quiet operation and a long product life cycle. This model also features 1x SATA 2.5" SDD and 1x SATA-DOM.

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