NEX 605

Mini-ITX, Intel® Atom™ Dual-Core D2550 1.86GHz, 2x DDR3, VGA/ LVDS/ HDMI, 2x GbE, eSATA/ 5x SATA, 4x COM, 8x USB, mPCIe, PCIe x4
  • Main Feature
  • Intel® Atom™ Dual-Core D2550 1.86GHz processor
  • Intel® ICH10R to support software RAID 0/ 1/ 5/ 10
  • Dual 204-pins DDR3 SO-DIMMs support max. 4GB SDRAM memory
  • Support VGA/HDMI, VGA/LVDS or HDMI/LVDS dual displays
  • 8x USB, 4x COM, 2x GbE (Intel), 1x eSATA/ 5x SATA, 1x LPT
  • Audio Mic-in/ Line- out, (internal Line-in)
  • 1x Mini-PCIe (1x full-size/ SIM tray), 1x PCIe x4
  • Standard ATX v.2.0 input by AT/ ATX power mode
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Embedded Support Intel® Atom™ processor D2550 1.86GHz CPU
Main Memory Dual 204-pin SO-DIMMs support DDR3 up to 4GB SDRAM 800/1066MHz
Platform Control Hub Intel® ICH10R support Intel® Matrix Storage technology of RAID 0/1/5/10 configuration
BIOS AMI BIOS Plug & Play support Advanced power management Advanced configuration & power interface 16M bits SPI ROM
On-board LAN 2x Intel® 82574L PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Support boot from LAN (PXE) 2x RJ45 with LEDs build-in 2x dual stackable USB type A connectors on edge I/O
Display New 2-chips solution 32nm package Intel® Atom™ processor D2550 integrated 3D graphics engine SGX545, to support up to 640MHz/ DX9 and provides multi-options for high-resolution displays Analog VGA interface:
1 x VGA by DB15 connector
Resolution up to 1920x1200 75Hz
HDMI interface:
1 x HDMI connector
Resolution up to 1920x1200
LVDS interface:
Single (24-bit) LVDS, resolution up to 1440 x 900 @ 60Hz by DF13 20-pin LVDS
Inverter (LVDS panel backlight) interface:
1x 7-pins CCFL for LCD panel backlight inverter
Realtek ALC886-GR High Definition codec
1x Mic-in/ 1x Line-out by audio jack on edge I/O and 1x Line-in by internal 4-pins header
1 x Mini-PCIe (1x full-size/ SIM tray)
1 x PCIe x4 slot
I/O Interfaces
Serial port: 4 ports
COM1, RS232 by DB-9 male on edge I/O
COM2, 3, 4 support 3x RS232 ports by 2x 5-pins box header and dual- JST 10pins wafer
8x USB 2.0: Use 9 of 14 ports (ICH10R)
4x ports by 2x dual stack USB2.0 on edge I/O (port 0~ 3)
4x ports by 2x 5-pins header pitch 2.54mm (port 6~ 9)
1x ports to mini-PCIe slots (port 10) 8 GPIO lines via header (GPI 0~3 and GPO0~3) TTL Level (0/5 V) Power LED and HDD active LED/ reset/ power on-off by 2x 5-pins header 2x 4-pins fan connector (for CPU and system) On board Buzzer and SMBus 2.0 by 1x 4-pins, IrDA by 1x 5-pins header 2x 13-pins box header for legacy parallel port/ LPT 2x 13-pins header for 6SATA/ 2GbE LEDs connector
Edge I/O Interfaces 1x dual stack PS2 for Keyboard/ Mouse 1x dual stack DB9 male for COM1 + DB15 female VGA 1x HDMI connector 1x dual stack eSATA (port 1 is default by eSATA) 2x RJ45 LAN + dual stack USB connectors 1x Mic-in/ 1 x Line-out Jack
Watchdog Timer Watchdog timeout can be programmable by software from 1 second to 255 seconds and from 1 minute to 255 minutes (tolerance 15% under room temperature 25°C)
Storage Default 1x eSATA by external edge I/O and internal 5x SATA connectors support software RAID 0,1,5 and 10 Optional by DIP-SW1 setting to 2x eSATA by external edge I/O and internal 4x SATA support software RAID 0,1,5 and 10 2 x 13-pins header for 6x SATA/ 2x LAN LEDs connector
System Monitor Monitoring of 4 voltages and 2 temperatures 4 voltage (Vcore, +12V , +3.3V , 5V) 2 temperatures (CPU, System) 2 fans speed detection
On-board RTC On-chip RTC with battery backup 1 x External Li-Ion battery
Power Input Support AT and ATX mode
Power Requirements Power requirement: ATX Input, jumper AT/ ATX (default) mode Onboard 2x 12-pins standard ATX version 2.0 power connector
Dimensions Mini-ITX form factor/ 170mm (L) x 170mm (W) (6.7"x 6.7")
Environment Operating temperature: -15°C to 60°C Storage temperature: -20°C to 85°C Relative humidity: operating 10% to 90%, non-condensing
Certifications CE approval FCC Class A
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