ICEB 8060

COM Express Carrier Board, Type 6 pin-out, PICMG COM.0 Rev. 2.0 3DDI/ 4 USB3.0/2 SATA 3.0/PCIe Gen 3.0, Bootable CFAST/Mini-SATA
  • Main Feature
  • COM Express COM.0, Rev 2.0 Evaluation CRB, ATX form-factor
  • Support Type 6 pin-out, COMe Extended/Basic/Compact Module
  • Display: 3 x DDI (2DP/HDMI), VGA & dual channels 18/24-bit LVDS
  • 4 x USB3.0/2 x SATA3.0, PCIe Gen 3.0, Bootable CFAST or Mini-SATA
  • PCIex16, DDI (PCIex16), PCIex4, PCIex1 and Mini-PCIe for Wi-Fi
  • VGA/RS232/422/485/5COM, Dual GbE/12USB/5.1, S/PDIF
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Form factor ATX Carrier MB, dimension: 305mm x 244mm (12" x 9.6") COM Express Evaluation CRB: PICMB COM Express board-to-board interconnectors, type 6 pin-put, female, 8mm stack-up height, COM.0 Rev. 2.0 NEXCOM Computer-On-Modules Support List: Basic Size (125 x 95mm) : ICES 668
Expansion 1 x PCIex16 slot, support PEG interfaces 1 x DDI (SDVO/HDMI/DP by orange color PCIex16 slot) 1 x PCIex4 slot, optional 4 x PCIex1 signals 1 x PCIex1 slot and 1 x Mini-PCIe slot for Wi-Fi with SIM tray
Graphic Interfaces Graphic Chip: from Type 6 pin-out, COM Express module CRT: support analog VGA with DB15 connector on the I/O edge LVDS: dual channels 18/24-bit LVDS connector (dual DF-13-20P) DDI (in PCIex16): optional EBK-A2HDMI riser card for HDMI or DP
Super I/O ITE8783
I/O Interface Serial COM: 6 ports
1 x edge DB9 connector to support RS232/422/485 (+5/+12V by Ring)
5 x internal box-header 2.0 pitch to support RS232
USB: 12 ports 4 x USB3.0 and 8 x USB2.0 ports
4 x USB3.0/4 x USB2.0 ports by stack Type A on edge
3 x USB2.0 by 4-pins JST 2.0mm JST connector,
1 x internal USB2.0 to Mini-PCIe slot for external wi-fi module
SATA: 4 ports
2 x SATA 3.0 ports
1 x Mini-SATA by Mini-PCIe slot for half-/full size Mini-SATA/SSD
1 x CFAST slot for CFAST/SATA 2.0
PS/2: internal 2 x 4-pins header for Keyboard/Mouse GPIO ports: 2 x + 8 x pins GPIO signals from COMe (default 5V TTL/option 3.3V)
Network ETH0: LAN port Connected from COMe CPU module (ICES 668) ETH0: Support 1 x RJ45/GbE LAN port on the edge I/O ETH1: Support 2nd RJ45/GbE LAN port by Intel® 82574L on the edge I/O ETH0 and ETH1 support Boot from LAN (PXE) ETH0 and ETH1 support Wake-on-LAN (when +5Vsb power available)
Audio HD Audio AL886 with 5.1 channels Support external S/PDIF interface Support internal pin-header for L/R speaker-out 2W/ 4 Ohm Onboard buzzer
EEPROM 1 x 2K EEPROM to record PCI Express Lane configuration ATMEL AT24C32 (or C02) and address 0 x 57 or (0 x AE)
Watchdog Timer Watchdog timeout can be programmable by Software from 1 second to 255 seconds and from 1 minute to 255 minutes (Tolerance 15% temperature 25°C)
On-board RTC On-chip RTC with battery BR2032
Power Input Standard ATX 24 pins and AUX 4-pins with 12V
Dimensions ATX form factor, 305 x 244mm (Lx W, 12”x9.6”)
Environment Operating temperatures: -20°C to 60°C Storage temperature: -40°C to 85°C Relative humidity: Operating 10% to 90%, non-condensing
Certifications CE approval FCC Class A
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