PDSB 102

Digital Signage Player Powered by ARM@ Cortex-A8 RISC Processor
  • Main Feature
  • Seamless hardware and software integration for operation reliability
  • Flexible display configuration
  • Presentation design is simple and intuitive
  • Presentation publish and scheduling is easy
  • Presentation content support is rich and versatile
  • Self-contained device for easy deployment
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PDSB 102 is an ARM® Cortex-A8 RISC MPU based entry-level digital signage player pre-loaded with user-friendly digital signage software, the PowerDigiS, targeting for advanced digital signage applications. PDSB 102 is enclosed in a compact chassis and can be easily integrated into display devices, such as LCD TV or PDP at site installation with dual HDMI display output, Giga LAN and WLAN support. PDSB 102 is capable to layout display into multiple rectangle zones and play rich multi-media contents on each zone in accordance with user defined schedule table. This makes the PDSB 102 work perfect for increasing digital signage applications within retail outlets, department store, entertainment venues, restaurants, hotels, bus/train station, schools/universities and hospitals for dynamic message delivering, digital menu board, advertising, or brand promotion.

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