VTC 1000

Intel® Atom™ E640 Fanless In-Vehicle Computer
  • Main Feature
  • Compact and fanless design
  • Built-in GPS receiver with optional dead reckoning function
  • Variety Wireless communication options
  • Built-in CAN Bus 2.0B (from EG20T)
  • Wide range DC input from 6~ 36V
  • Smart power management with Ignition on/off delay via software Control and low voltage protection
  • Certified by CE/FCC/e13 Mark
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Date Description Version OS Download
2011-09-14 Audio Linux 13.14MB
2011-09-14 Audio Windows 90.72MB
2011-09-14 CPU Windows 2.26MB
2011-09-14 GPS Windows 0.4MB
2011-09-14 Graphic Windows 7.23MB
2011-09-14 Graphic Linux 8.22MB
2011-09-14 IOH Windows 5.4MB
2017-03-16 SDK Windows 4.38MB
2012-03-14 WWAN Module - Sierra Gobi2000 Windows 63.79MB
2011-09-14 WWAN Module - Sierra MC8790 Windows 33.43MB
Manual (Please Contact Sales)
Date Description Version OS Download
2015-11-16 User Manual
(Datasheet Only)
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