3D ToF Camera for Various Analytics Applications
  • Main Feature
  • Quick response time to offer accurate data
  • Easy to remote management and upgrade by IP address
  • Excellent low-light and bright-light performance
  • Compact size to install
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NEXCOM introduces a new series of 3D cameras based on time-of-flight (ToF) technology for various business intelligence applications. The 3D ToF camera is a cost-effective, mechanically compact depth imaging solution designed to capture clear and consistent images in environments with varying illumination. The quick response time (signal between sensor and subject travels at speed of light) of the BIC series 3D cameras can provide accurate data for various intelligent applications such as retail analytics, people counting, cargo dimension scanning and many more.


Retail Store
3D ToF camera can count visitors as soon as they enter the store. It can also provide information on which shopping aisle has the most in-store traffic, offering retail owners accurate data to benchmark sales performance. In addition, with Wi-Fi (beacon) support, retail owners can send promotional messages to visitor's cell phone to engage them on a personal level and increase purchase intent.


People counting
3D ToF camera can count all the visitors entering and staying in buildings, such as retail analytics and queue/building management. It can also be used in security applications for retail, shopping malls, hospital, banking, and airport.


Industrial Safety for Factory Operation
If a person or object nears or enters a restricted area within a production facility, 3D ToF camera can detect and feedback data to stop robotic or other production equipment immediately. 3D ToF camera is a cost-effective solution to ensure a safer working environment.

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