15" TFT XGA 4:3 Heavy Industrial Panel PC with 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5, 2.7GHz
  • Main Feature
  • 4:3 15" XGA fanless panel computer
  • Powerful 2nd/3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor
  • Two expansion slots for add-on PCI or/and PCIe cards
  • Optional 3.5G/Wi-Fi module/2.5" HDD
  • Metal housing with robust aluminum front bezel for harsh environment
  • IP65 compliant front panel
  • Support fieldbus module (optional)
  • For class I, division 2 hazardous locations
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Date Description Version OS Download
2016-07-28 Audio Windows 274.06MB
2016-07-28 Chipset Windows 2.88MB
2016-07-28 Graphic Windows 290MB
2016-07-28 LAN Windows 78.67MB
2016-07-28 LAN Linux 4.78MB
2016-07-28 ME8_5M_8.0.0.1351 Windows 49.62MB
2016-07-28 Resistive Touch Linux 0.24MB
2016-07-28 Resistive Touch Windows 5.07MB
2016-07-28 Virtual USB Windows 0MB
Date Description Version OS Download
2015-06-11 User Manual Windows 20.08MB
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