PAC 1100 Series

Unified Industrial Robot Controller with Open Architecture for Customization
  • Main Feature
  • Support commonly-used industrial robots and general servo systems
  • Support various coordinate systems
  • Teach, replay and remote control mode
  • Forward/backward teach inspection
  • On-/off-line robot language editing
  • D-H parameter function
  • Kinetic parameters function
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PAC 1100 series is a compact and open architecture industrial robot controller, providing a mandatory framework to control commonly-used industrial robots, such as articulated robot arms, 4-axis delta robots and SCARA robots. Supporting various coordination systems, storage of positions, on-/off-line robot language editing and different operation modes, PAC 1100 series covers basic requirement of a robot controller. With general analog commands to servo drivers and signals from quadrature encoders, PAC 1100 series supports robots with general servo systems and performs a full-closed loop servo control enabling fast and precise movement. Integrating robot kinematics, logic control and built-in HMI editor, PAC 1100 series realizes fast solution building up, ideally suited for robot manufacturers and users with highly customization requirements and research organization.

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