IoT Platform

NEXCOM IoT platform solution is a SoC-based intelligent system which can connect clouds with/without IoT gateways. The IoT platform is aimed to offering customers an OS-ready computing platform to build their own front-end IoT devices. The IoT platform usually is based on a light slim low-power computing processor and integrated with embedded operating system BSP like Android. NEXCOM IoT platform service offers a customized fast time-to-market solution which can be integrated into a functional system yet allows customized options including housing, touch panel, and 3G communication. Today, with leading competence in SoC embedded technology, NEXCOM IoT platform service has been applied to including smart taxi infotainment system, smart vending machine, smart HMI (Human Machine Interface), and kiosk. With functionality-proof IP library of SoC solutions and an experienced RD team, NEXCOM’s Design to Order Service makes commitments to provide a sample in a six-week time.

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