IWF 8405

Industrial Secure WLAN Controller Centralized medium-scale AP management
  • Main Feature
  • Centralized AP management and multi-level connections up to 150 manageable access points
  • Virtual service zone management by user group, security profile and etc.
  • Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) support
  • Dual-WAN Load Balance and Failover
  • Data tunnel security by Intranet local IPSec VPN, Internet Remote Client PPTP VPN, Site-to-Site VPN
  • QoS and WMM Traffic Types support for Voice, Video, Best Effort and Background
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The IWF 8405 industrial Secure WLAN Controller is an ideal security solution for medium-scale industrial WLAN deployments. The IWF 8405 integrates “secure access control”, “ user account provisioning”, “centralized WLAN management” , even “flexible accounting and billing” into one box to provide simplified manageability and instant mobility. With more powerful hardware, IWF 8405 is capable of centrally managing 150 access points to cover a wider service area in a medium network.


Secure Networking under Central Management


IWF 8405 is suitable for industry in managing their wired and wireless network access uniformly. The network access of users from different departments and the access of guests can be segregated in different Service Zones. When needed, IWF 8405’s Local, Site-to-Site and Remote VPN tunnels can be used to further secure the information flows for business.

For multi-site Manufacturing facilities, Network deployment and management is always challenge to IT manger, IWF8405 makes it easy to quickly deploy and offer wireless Internet service. IT manager can centrally manage all the access points connected to the IWF 8405. Also, remote firmware upgrade can be done through IWF 8405. Security policy and user groups can be pre-defined in Virtual AP profile and applied to the access points through IWF 8405.

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