HWF 1310

Wireless Hotspot Access management Gateway 802.11b/ g/ n 2*2 Access Point
  • Main Feature
  • IEEE 802.11b/ g/ n sigle RF 2.4GHz 2 x 2 MIMO AP
  • Access management by flexible Accounting and Billing
  • Standard-based data encryption and user authentication: WEP, WPA, etc.
  • Secure guest and administrator access using web-based login
    and administration over SSL
  • Easy operation design: WES, TAS and Quick print
  • Support various broadband connection deployment options
  • (T1, DSL, Cable) via static IP, DHCP, PPPoE, or PPTP
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly billing reports
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Wireless internet access is already a part of hospitality service in public locations, such as coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, convention centers or airport terminal. NEXCOM offers the ready-to-go Hotspot Wi-Fi solution covering access management AP and ticket generating.


The HWF 1310 Wireless Hotspot Gateway is intentionally design for stores without any IT background to setup wireless internet services. This solution does not require complicated equipment, nor does it requires difficult IT knowledge during the deployment. The access management function includes multiple fare, guest policy and roaming across different sites. User account is another challenge in hotspot management. The system is capable to maintain 2000 on-demand accounts and 500 local accounts.


In setup and maintenance perspective, the system provides rich helpful functions. A special function called ‘press-n-connect’ feature that you can setup a mesh network within 30 seconds simply by press a WES (Wireless Easy Setup) button. This function helps you expand the AP to where Ethernet cabling is not an option. A similar handy design is the TAS (Terminal Auto Setup) that automatically connects to the policy generator to hotspot gateway simply by press a button. To help owner checking the operation status, the system also provide log for system activities, report for account’s details with flexible options, and daily/ weekly/ monthly billing report.


NEXCOM’s hotspot turnkey solution includes hotspot AP HWF 1310, and accessories with HWF-S200 the generator for multiple fare access policy, and HWF-P200 thermal printer, together with a completed access management. In a multiple service store, the access fare can be different from free to multilevel fare. NEXCOM’s solution provides different levels of access management function such as user grouping, multiple access zone including public zone and private zone. User account is another challenge.

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