ACEK 3354-7P

SMARC Starter-Kit, TI SitaraTM AM3354, ARM® Cortex™ A8 Bootable SD, DDR3 512MB, eMMC 4GB on ACES 3354 Integrated ACEB-35 with 7” LVDS/ WVGA, 7” Capacitive Touch
  • Main Feature
  • SMARC STD 1.0 compliant ARM® Cortex™ A8 Starter-Kit
  • TI- AM3354, ARM® Cortex™ A8 720MHz, build-in SGX530 Graphic Accelerator
  • Onboard 512MB DDR3, 4GB eMMC and bootable SD on the carrier board
  • Support GbE, USB, USB-OTG, 2UART, Audio, DCAN, I2S, 3x I2C and 8 x GPIO
  • Build-in 7” LVDS LCD, WVGA with 7” capacitive Touch
  • Integrated AC/ DC adapter for DC + 12V @ 3A input
  • BSP ready to support Windows Compact 7.0
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NEXCOM ACEK 3354-7P is an SMARC Starter Kit based-on ARM® Cortex™ A8 processor onto ACES 3354 that plugged in ACEB-35 carrier board with 7” LVDS LCD, 7” capacitive touch and integrated an AC/ DC 36W power adaptor by DC + 12V input. This starter-kit is assembly for engineer to develop their ARM-based industrial/ embedded device or equipment.



The ACES 3354 SMARC module embedded Texas Instruments Sitara AM3354 ARM® Cortex™ A8 processor features low power and high performance graphic-accelerated by SGX530 core to support industrial API standard Direct3D Mobile, OpenGL ES1.1 and 2.0, OpenVG 1.0.1. The ACES 3354 build-in system memory with 512MB DDR3 and SPI flash with bootable 4GB eMMC by SDIO interface. The ACES 3354 support 24-bit LVDS or TTL LCD screen resolution up to 1366 x 768, offering either capacitive or resistive touch.



The ACEK 3354-7P works as application BSP-ready for Windows Embedded Compact 7.0 at the first stage evaluation and future development plan for Linux Kernel 3.2.x and Android 4.2.x. NEXCOM provide embedded software customization service to enable customer new project rapidly deploy an operating system and fully utilize the features of the underlying hardware platform that may configure to support the desired peripherals, operating system.



NEXCOM share the same pin-out standard of SMARC, the developers can easily migrate to a higher or lower-end SMARC from customization to full ODM board design. ACES 3354 SMARC is the ideal ARM-based solution platform for Human Machine Interfaces, Industrial Automation, Industrial control, Remote monitoring devices. Embedded system applications like Connected Vending Machines, Weighing Scales, Consumer Medical Appliances, Educational Consoles and Smart Toll System.


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